Company & Mission Overview

What is ScanPanda™?

Pay People Not Search Engines

The Why –

When did marketing and “Mad-Men” advertising begin? How did it turn into the bombardment of billboards, commercials, and pop-ups we see congesting our cities and funneling money away from the people and into the pockets of multi-million-dollar corporations?

There was a time when a mix of word-of-mouth advertising and trust was the foundation of all marketing and advertising. Since its founding in 2021 in Austin, Texas, ScanPanda™ is committed to preserving this referral marketing relationship between businesses, brands, and people as it pioneers a revolution of the pay-per-click industry.

Its marketing software connects brands with trusted influencers, who then leverage their own nano-to-macro following with the campaign-specific QR codes and referral links. It partners with a revolving list of brands throughout the continental U.S. with a growing team of more than 500 influencers reaching specialized audiences that total over 10 million.

How often do unwanted pop-up ads take up room on your phone or laptop screen? Do promotion videos interrupt your “free” streaming experiences? Ever wonder who is getting paid for interrupting your attention? In the ScanPanda™ introductory video, Adam Smith, founder and CEO of ScanPanda™, calls the company “a platform for the people” where “you get to control your advertising experience.”

You control what you click and who gets paid when you do. All of those little interruptions to your day could soon be.. gone.

Replaced by personalized QR codes and referral links supplied by your favorite influencers, community leaders, and every day people just like you.

The People Side

EVERYONE can be a promoter or influencer.

If you have an audience, you can download, scan, refer, and make money with ScanPanda™.

What’s an audience?

An audience is anything from a small group of friends or co-workers, to social media follower count of thousands of millions.

The partnership between business and promoter is clear-cut with dates and rates set by each company for each individual campaign. ScanPanda™ releases this information to each influencer within the desired range, and influencers join and are given access to the unique QR code.

Promoters are free to “scan once a day with each unique device,” explains Smith, and can “earn a passive income” if they correctly leverage their influence. ScanPanda™ works with Stripe to make the financial setup possible within minutes.

The Business Side

Create & Manage Campaigns.

The process is remarkably similar to the other half of this partnership: make an account; personalize a campaign with dates, a location radius, and a budget; and let the promoters go to work.  The specialized pay-per-scan technology lowers influencer marketing barriers to entry with easy-to-use promotion tools like the geolocation of promoters within the customizable campaign radius and a specialized social media platform to find and engage with influencers: Bamboo Crew.

Best part? The funds you invest in your brand’s campaign are completely in YOUR control with no hidden fees or blurred lines. A burndown method with a specified bucket of funds. Promoters compete to earn the limited amount of promotion funds and at a specified per click amount. 

ScanPanda™ is expanding its agency business offerings to more comprehensive packages fit for both small start-ups and large businesses searching for a stress-free and hands-off tutorial on specialized and managed influencer marketing. The plans offer campaigns ranging from a week to a month with different leveraging options from email invites, social media posts, and influencer level.

Smith is calling businesses, both small and large, to leverage their funds toward the influencers and consumers that already support their company vision and products instead of draining their resources to big-name search engines and social media sites—to “pay people, not search engines.” 

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