What Is Scan Panda? How is it Different from Traditional Advertising?

If you’re looking to attract organic traffic to your business or make money by using QR code ads, read on.

In today’s digital age, online advertisements are everywhere. Businesses need a  word-of-mouth strategy. However, it can be a challenge to keep ahead of the competition. For any company, advertising is key to letting consumers know what you have to offer. There are many ways to accomplish this singular goal, and almost every business has tried them all, from bumper stickers to billboard signs. There has got to be a better, more efficient way to reach the masses. That’s why Scan Panda was born. 

The Rise of the Panda

Scan Panda’s simple and unique approach to advertising connects businesses directly with the consumer. In turn, the consumer can create an outreach that has the potential for unlimited expansion. Let’s begin by explaining exactly what Scan Panda does for digital marketing. Scan Panda helps expand your reach by drawing organic traffic through a quick response code, or QR code. 

These QR codes are scannable and link to your business’s website. When someone scans the code, they are automatically directed to the site, where they can get all of the information they need about your product or service. This process generates organic traffic by providing consumers a simple way to connect with your company. 

What’s Different About Scan Panda?

Many things set Scan Panda apart from traditional advertising. First of all, its innovative pay per scan (PPS) method is more cost effective than widely used mediums such as pay per click (PPC). In the PPC method, companies post a link and pay to get more clicks than their competitors. This creates the risk of getting lost in a sea of advertising. However, the pay per scan method generates a unique connection to your business without having to compete with other companies for clicks. By leading consumers to your company organically, you can not only save money, but also create a ripple effect of consumer outreach. 

In contrast with sponsored online advertising, QR codes are a more authentic way to foster consumer-to-business relations and interactions. They also require next to zero effort on behalf of the consumer, increasing your chances of their participation. For example, if a website’s URL is posted on a flyer or the side of a truck, there’s very little chance that passersby will take the time to visit the site, much less remember it. But, with QR code ads, all the consumer needs to do is scan it with their phone. Gone are the days of having to write down a website’s URL or having to type it into a search bar. Scan Panda QR codes can be displayed on nearly every product and built directly into social media pages.

How Does Scan Panda Help Businesses Thrive? 

Utilizing these types of referral codes, companies can stay connected to consumers. QR codes can be displayed on nearly every product and built directly into social media pages. When a consumer registers a new product or service, they have the ability to share the QR code with others. Companies can boast loyalty by offering rewards or incentives for scanning their code, and businesses can make money by referring their customers to Scan Panda. Here are some of the top potential benefits:

  • Expanding your reach 
  • Receiving more organic traffic 
  • Increasing your revenue
  • Building customer loyalty  

How Can Promoters Make Money with Scan Panda?

The benefits to using Scan Panda are two-fold. Businesses can utilize our QR codes to generate more organic traffic, and promoters can earn extra cash by sharing the codes with others. This is all part of the connectivity that Scan Panda offers. You can get started by signing up and joining a campaign today. You’ll receive a free unique QR code and get money every time it’s scanned. 

Join Us

Are you ready to start increasing your business’ reach? Join Scan Panda and connect with promoters via QR code. We’ve found an effective way to make the most of digital marketing and give everyone a chance to earn extra cash. If this sounds simple and easy, it is! Once you start reaping the rewards of QR advertising, you’ll never go back to traditional methods. Visit our website to start earning free money today. 

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