Struggling to Find a Job? Here’s How QR Codes Can Help!

The current job market sucks —especially if you are trying to find a job when you have no experience. People who have gone to college for 4+ years are working as baristas because they have no “formal experience” in the field they went to school for (or, if they’re lucky enough to find a job in their field, they aren’t being paid a living wage). People trying to find entry-level jobs with no experience–simply to put food on the table–are being told they’re overqualified. Again, the current job market sucks, but believe it or not, QR codes can help you.

What the Heck Is a QR Code, and How Do I Use It?

Quick response (QR) codes are a series of squares made into a matrix barcode. When it’s scanned, it brings the user directly to a link. To scan it, you simply pull out your smart device, open your camera app, hold your finger over the code, and an option to take you to the QR code’s link pops up. Should the user click on their link, they’re taken exactly where the QR code was designed to take them! No two QR codes are alike, so there’s no chance you’ll be taken to the wrong link.

Cool, I Hear You. But How Can a QR Code Help Me Get a Job?

There was a time when practically no one knew how to use QR codes. While the benefits of them were undeniable, QR utilization was pretty much a subculture. However, with the rise of smartphones (and people’s understanding of them), and then with the pandemic, QRs became a common tool used in almost everyone’s everyday life. And, as with any new technological advance, this opens doors for more jobs. 

Take Scan Panda, for instance. They make QR codes for businesses. While that alone means there’s more jobs in the tech industry, how does that help someone who isn’t well versed in coding? You don’t need to learn how to program QR codes to get a job in this industry. Scan Panda lets anyone sign up and promote those QR codes–for money!

This Is All Well and Good, but What if I Have No Experience?

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? Cool. This isn’t it. But it is close. When you sign up under apps like Scan Panda, businesses pay local people for referrals to their website (check the website, it’s written right there). Each promoter receives their own personal code, and they can promote it however they want. Stick it on a telephone pole with no context. Tell all your friends to scan your code when they ask you where to get the best latte in the city. If you’ve ever had a strong opinion on where the best place in the area is to get a burger, you definitely have some experience. 

These are normal, everyday occurrences. Everybody loves to recommend quality businesses to their friends, family, social media following, and coworkers. Why not get paid to do what you usually do? If you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Scan Panda doesn’t sell your data.

That Does Sound Good! How Do I Sign Up?

For details on how to get a job with ScanPanda, just visit ScanPanda.org and sign up! Yes, for real. It really is that easy to become a promoter. Do you think this sounds like a good fit for you? Then there’s only one way to find out! Get started today and become a paid business promoter everywhere you go. You’ll use the power of shareable QR codes to help businesses near you–and get paid doing it. 

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