5 Ways in Which QR Codes Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty and referrals are major parts of owning a business, but navigating the best methods to create customer loyalty can be a messy road. What’s the best way to keep customers? What’s the best way to promote customer loyalty? And, what’s the best way to make your customers feel like they’re part of the inner workings of your company? Obviously, it’s quick response (QR) codes!

Take Your Customers Directly to Your Loyalty Program

QR codes take the pressure off your already busy customer. Imagine you have a coffee shop and you’re trying to promote your loyalty program. A QR code on the sleeve of their to-go coffee makes it easier for clients to find the loyalty app. A quick scan of the code will take the customer directly to the app’s download page, as opposed to relying on the customer to search it. In situations like this, simplicity is best. A system to reward the customer with points every time they scan a code could offer further incentive, too. They’ll get rewarded for sharing your QR code–and getting as many scans as they can. These codes are endlessly versatile in helping a business!

 Make Referrals Easier

Referral programs should be painless, requiring as little time as possible for customers to reap the benefits of each referral. QR referral codes have the potential for each customer’s friends and family to obtain info about your company. They simply scan a customer’s unique code, then get access to your website; no need for them to enter an email, numerical code, or username. After all, that QR code is specific to them. It’s attached to their specific account, forgoing the need for the new customer to enter any information.

 Keep Customers Connected

What better way to make sure your customers are plugged in than a QR code that links them directly to your company’s social media? When a brand has a fun social media presence, customers feel like they’re connecting with your brand. Modern customers are looking for genuine interactive experiences over advertisements and sponsored posts. When you have a QR code that takes them directly to their favorite social media platform, they can stay on top of what your company is creating in an organic way.

Create Fun, Unique Content

There is nothing more well-received by customers than a company that creates fun, unique, engaging content. Send out your yearly holiday card thanking your customers and include a QR code that offers them a special discount when scanned. If you’re moving, use a QR code on the front desk to share this news and offer the coordinates of where you’re relocating to (make them feel like an international superspy). Just get creative!

Make Scanning Your QR Codes Feel Like an Interactive Game

Some point programs can feel monotonous, and clients may forget that they exist. Making the experience more engaging can build a program your clients will remember and want to do regularly. Give your client extra points each time they redeem their loyalty points by scanning the QR code on the bottom of their receipt. Gaining points is a wonderful way to boost customer loyalty; making it more interactive can encourage your customers to want to continue to earn points with your company. Remember how these point programs benefit you; customer loyalty leads to more visits and the potential for more referrals.

Get Started Today!

There are many ways you can integrate QR codes and improve customer retention. Ease of access is one of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to promote customer loyalty. While using QR codes isn’t the only answer, it certainly helps a lot of business owners with customer retention. You can even enlist local promoters to share your QR code and drive more traffic to your business. If you’re looking for ways to boost your business with QR codes, check out Scan Panda – Make Money. We’ll be waiting for you.

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